Hunter Development Corporation

The Hunter Development Corporation is working to continue the process of revitalisation across a range of sectors in the Hunter community. This includes preparing the way for a new era of industrial activity, for new residential and employment opportunities, delivering environmental outcomes as well as recreational and social benefits.


In July 2007 the NSW Government announced the formation of the Hunter Development Corporation through the merger of the Honeysuckle Development Corporation and the Regional Land Management Corporation. The Hunter Development Corporation will help facilitate economic growth in the region consistent with the Hunter Regional Plan 2036. The Hunter Development Corporation will be a key driver in the development and renewal required to meet this growing demand for jobs and homes.

The Honeysuckle Precinct where the last stages of the Lee Wharf development are now proceeding. The Corporation will continue the work of the Honeysuckle Development Corporation in facilitating the development of the remaining harbourside lots in the Honeysuckle project area.