Revitalising Newcastle

Revitalising Newcastle is a NSW Government program focused on activating the city to attract people, jobs and tourism to Newcastle. The government is investing more than $650 million to transform the city centre by strengthening connections between the city and waterfront, creating job opportunities, providing new housing and delivering attractive public spaces connected to better transport.


The program's six key objectives are:

  1. Bring people back to the city centre
  2. Connect the city to its waterfront
  3. Help grow new jobs in the city centre
  4. Create great places linked to new transport
  5. Create economically sustainable public domain and community assets
  6. Preserve and enhance heritage and culture

    Market Street Lawn at Night

    Market Street Lawn

    A new community space at the intersection of Market and Scott streets in the city.

    Market Street Lawn has been made possible by removing the overhead pedestrian bridges and heavy rail infrastructure, and repurposing the land, in line with what the community told us they wanted to see.

    Market Street Lawn is currently under construction and is due for completion in late 2018. When it is open, it will have attractive public space with seating, shade, engaging water feature, open green areas and amenity to support all sorts of activation.

    The Station

    A landmark site adjacent to the waterfront in the city's East End. No longer a transport node, 'The Station', as it is now known, will become a must-visit destination that highlights unique Newcastle and the Hunter offerings through products, services and experiences.

    Extensive community engagement has been undertaken to establish how people want to see this space used in the future, and HDC is delivering temporary activation of the site with Renew Newcastle, before and end use is identified.

    The Station transformation

    The Signal Box

    The city's most exciting new retail offering.

    The heritage listed building in the heart of Market Street Lawn played a key role in directing trains in and out of Newcastle Station in its previous life, but with the revitalisation of the city, the building now has a new opportunity to be repurposed and celebrated.

    Signal Box

    Newcastle Light Rail

    Newcastle Light Rail is a key part of Revitalising Newcastle program delivered by TNSW.

    It will provide a frequent and reliable travel option into the city centre, connecting key activity precincts, reinvigorating Hunter and Scott streets, and opening up great urban renewal opportunities.

    Newcastle Interchange Sign

    Newcastle Bus Interchange at the Store site

    Revitalising Newcastle

    Newcastle is changing. The Revitalising Newcastle program is delivering public spaces, light rail and a new public transport interchange that will change the way we work, live and play. Find out more.